July 24, 2019
For Sale: Exam Table

Manufacturer: RITTER For Sale: Exam Table
Model: 104 Updated: July 12, 2019
Condition: Good
The price of $ 625.00 is including recovering the top with your choice of color or as is in good condition $ 425.00. The photo is one color of the tables we have available. We have the model 104, 100, 300 as well as others available. We will send photo's of each table upon request. All of the tables have slide out step and stirrups. We have 14 gray base tables and 3 dark brown base with camel/medium brown tops in good condition. Some of the tables have warmers. All tables will be recovered after they are sold with the buyer choosing the colors and a 50 % deposit is received. We also have exam stools available as well for an additional cost of $55.00 to $ 125.00. Thank You!

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